Your goal achieved, with the strength of a team. Reach your PEAK.

Your Goals Realized,
With the Support of a Group

We believe that effort and intensity are keys to change, as is support, knowledge, safety, and variety within our small training groups. Our coaches understand the difficulties that lie ahead of any change you may want to make, but are here to guide and motivate you through your personal journey. Seize this moment, choose a more energetic and healthier you, and let us pull you up towards your fitness peak.

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The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra.

How PEAK212 is innovating the fitness experience.

Comprehensive BodyAge™ Assessment

1Are you 50 going on 40, or maybe you’re 25 going on 35?  Our program will tell us how old your body is, and your work in our diverse sessions just might make you openly share your age, BodyAge™ that is.

Engaging Session Plans With Daily Variety

2We understand that workouts can get monotonous.  By partnering with LifeFitness™ and utilizing other modes, we’ll provide the variety, encouragement, and coaching to help you reach your fitness PEAK.

Smart Coaching and Instant Feedback.

3Our extensive experience will ensure you will get instant workout feedback to get the most of each session. Plus our attentive coaches will be focused on proper movement through each calorie burning set.

A Training Approach that Fits All Body Types.

4If you’re a beginner looking for a supportive training environment, or an experienced fitness buff that wants variety and follow up to increase your cardio & strength levels, our approach will fit your needs.


Featured Exercises.

Check back to see more modes that we’ll be utilizing in our small group sessions. Believe you can make the changes you want, show up to your session, and we’ll be there to support you.

Note: Some equipment represented in LifeFitness’ video are not available. However the exercise that is highlighted is a part of PEAK212′s programming. Videos are used with permission from LifeFitness™.


Effort. More than a word used in cliches, it’s a word that, when applied, can make so many changes in your life. Sometimes, however, it’s difficult to quantify effort – even for the experienced exerciser. Many rely on “feel” or perceived exertion (which is a standard method). Let us take it a step further and quantify your effort by measuring the activity of, in our opinion, your most important muscle — your heart.

Our friends at Polar™ will help us provide you with an understanding of effort through instant biometric feedback, and how that little extra bit of intensity and effort can change your body.

You’ll begin to see that exercise isn’t only about an all-out 60 minute workout. There is a proven method, through science, that can make the work you put in more effective by integrating periods of rest and recovery with bouts of focused effort and intensity. Let us show you how — and how utilizing these principles can change your life. We’re committed to educating you as we take this amazing journey in transforming your life.

Yes, it will take effort, no question about it. Let our support channel your effort into change.

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